Vision 2020

January 1, 2020 launched both a new year and a new decade. It’s the perfect opportunity to make plans for renewal and revitalization. As a fleet manager, it’s an appropriate time to salute past successes and create new visions and plans for the future. Think of these as New Year’s Resolutions for your fleet!

Vision 2020 is the name of a new low-cost Fleet Challenge program designed to assist private and public fleet managers to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of their past fleet management initiatives, and from that lens, shape viable plans for the future.

Vision 2020 is a ‘bundle’ of Fleet Challenge services, starting with a baseline performance FAR review of your fleet – operating costs, service levels such as uptime, utilization and reactive repair: maintenance ratios, fleet aging, exception units, fuel consumption, GHG emissions, capital budget: NPV ratios and much more.

With your fleet’s baseline established, we will benchmark your fleet’s data* to the average performance for peer fleets in our own 50,000 vehicle fleet database. (where data is available).

It’s been said, ‘the past predicts the future” – armed with your fleet’s baseline performance information we’ll review and discuss your fleet’s best management practices with you.

Next, we’ll complete lifecycle analysis to determine the optimal economic lifecycles for all the vehicle types/categories in your fleet. This will determine the right time to replace vehicles.

Finally, we’ll put all the Vision 2020 information together into go-forward recommendations, and we’ll also suggest relevant key performance indicators for continuous improvement.

Vision 2020 delivers tremendous value at a very low cost. Cost is based on fleet size.

What is your vision for year 2020 and beyond for your fleet? Lower costs, better service, increased uptime? Anything is possible – let’s talk!

* For benchmarking purposes, Fleet Challenge has compiled a peer fleet database of operating data for close to 50,000 commercial fleet vehicles of all types from cars to class 8 trucks operated by private and public sector fleets.

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