Best Management Practice Review

Best Management Practices Review, or BMPR™ – [bump-er] – is a Fleet Challenge process that methodically and efficiently explores a fleet’s business practices, processes, policies, and legislative compliance. BMPR™ is the first step in our Fleet Review and green fleet planning processes. BMPR enables our team to become fully familiar with our client’s operations. It highlights areas where there may be gaps and/or opportunities for improvement and efficiencies relative to North America’s best-in-class, peer fleets.  

Over the past 15 years of fleet management consulting our team noticed repeatedly that specific best management practices (BMPs) are applicable and successful in fleets of all business sectors. These BMPs range from business structure, human resources, and maintenance practices through to operational policies.

We determined that proactive fleet managers would value an impartial, third party, ground-up BMP review of their operations to identify opportunities for improvement.  By means of our BMPR™ software we systematically perform gap analysis to identify specific areas where peer fleets have successfully implemented viable BMPs.

The BMPR™ process covers 16 (or more) specific areas of interest including:

  • Fuel Procurement and Distribution
  • Accident Damages
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Environment
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Procurement
  • Performance Management
  • Communications

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  • Asset Management
  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Finance
  • Operating and Capital Budgeting
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Fleet Operations
  • Preventive Maintenance