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Below are several free tools and calculators from Fleet Challenge and E3 Fleet that you can download free of charge for your own use. Some are more basic, others are powerful business tools as you will see.

Feel free to download these tools and we hope they enable you to find the answers you require for your fleet.

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Electric Vehicle Cost/Benefit Tool

Note: This tool is only available in the metric system version at this time.

Use this easy-to-use but powerful analysis tool to compare the operating costs of electric vehicles (EVs) to comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. It compares the operating costs of light-duty, medium-and heavy-duty trucks up to class 8 in several fleet types including utilities, municipalities, and other on-road fleets.

The tool allows fleet-wide analysis and summaries of several vehicle types and it includes calculations for charging infrastructure. The tool uses default datapoints – fleet averages from our database for fuel-used and distance-traveled, repair and maintenance costs by fleet type and category, or users can overwrite our default data with their own.

Fleet Emissions Calculator

Click here for our E3 Fleet team’s Fleet Emissions Calculator. A quick and easy way to calculate GHG emissions for your fleet.

Lifecycle Analysis Tool for Fleet Managers

The old country song goes, “you gotta know how long to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em” rings true in fleet management. Download our basic, but powerful lifecycle analysis calculator. Use it to quickly determine the optimal economic replacement cycles for your fleet vehicles. Try it!

Idling Cost Calculator

Fleet vehicles that are idling unnecessarily get zero miles/kilometers per gallon/liter! Think about it…what is unnecessary idling costing your fleet? Our E3 Fleet team has developed this easy-to-use idling cost calculator to help understand the cost impacts of idling.

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