About Us

Mission Statement

Fleet Challenge works with and for commercial fleet operators to reduce their operating costs and emissions while improving service levels through the sharing of modern fleet management techniques, best practices, and vehicle technologies.  


Our vision is to effect positive and enduring improvements in the realm of fleet transportation through projects and innovative programs that optimize business practices, inform, transform, and inspire.

We are client-focused, responsive, and motivated to exceed our clients’ expectations. We know that driven by the imagination and enthusiasm of our team, our organization’s potential is unlimited.


Fleet Challenge’s principals are committed professionally and personally to ecological responsibility through action. The plans, strategies and policies we espouse or develop for our clients are environmentally sound and focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Inclusivity and Diversity in our Company

Our organization believes we are a stronger company when everyone is included, heard and empowered. We embrace diversity and inclusion. We focus on core values, skills and work ethic regardless of race, gender, and disabilities.

As a business that operates on the principles of corporate social responsibility (people, planet, profit) in everything we do, we feel it is our duty to help create societal, individual and community-wide change, as evidenced by the nature of our core business, and our diversity across staffing and job applicants. Our recruitment practices are designed to reach a diverse pool of candidates via postings on our chosen recruitment platforms.

Our clients include the leading private sector, corporations, provincial/state governments, and municipalities. Our employment practices strictly apply well-defined policies regarding antiracism, gender equality, and inclusiveness and are fully compatible and in alignment with the policies of our clients.

We aspire to provide a workplace that builds confidence, creativity, teamwork, and mutual respect.