Fleet Challenge is a leading fleet management consulting company with representatives in the U.S. and Canada.  Since 2005, Fleet Challenge has helped dozens of leading private and public sector fleets achieve their highest performance.

Our team includes seasoned, career-long fleet managers, environmental, financial planning, and automotive subject matter experts. We have the skills, training, knowledge, decades of experience, and hands-on, feet-on-the-ground fleet management experience to ensure success.

What are the challenges your fleet is dealing with today? We can provide viable solutions, whether financial, environmental, business structure, strategic planning, organizational efficiency, or cost-competitiveness.

Fleet Review

Discover new levels of efficiency and cost reduction; identify potential gaps and risk exposure, set realistic targets and goals based on analysis. Fleet Challenge is ready to complete our comprehensive fleet review or audit process for your fleet. More about Fleet Review

Fleet Strategy

Fleet Challenge will develop an effective fleet management strategy for your fleet with challenging, yet actionable and realistically achievable plans to ensure success. We are fleet managers that understand the realities, what works, and what doesn’t. Let’s talk!

Lifecycle Analysis

Knowing the optimal economic lifecycles for your fleet’s vehicle types is a critical component in fleet management excellence… and a specialty of the Fleet Challenge team. Our total cost of ownership approach assures maximum value from every unit. More about lifecycle analysis

Electric Vehicles

The world is rapidly moving toward electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are superior with far fewer moving parts; they require little maintenance, have immediate torque and they can cost far less to operate. The time is now to begin preparing for the transition to electric vehicles. More about electric vehicle and green fleet planning

Long Term Planning

A fleet long-term capital planning software tool was developed by Fleet Challenge in 2016.  It makes it easy work to calculate defensible, balanced, business case-based long-term capital budget plans, with unit-by-unit ROI. It assists balancing go-forward budgets and avoiding year-to-year cost spikes. More about long-term planning

Best Practice Review

Best Management Practices Review, or BMPR™ – [bump-er] – is a Fleet Challenge process that explores a fleet’s business practices, processes, policies and legislative compliance to identify gaps, areas of exposure and opportunities for improvements relative to North America’s best in class fleets.   More

R&D Projects

Fleet Challenge has conceived and led many R&D projects such as “PEMS”, an idle reduction technology for Police and EMS vehicles, and project EVAn (Electric Vehicle Analysis) which demonstrated the advantages of EVs in real-world fleet environments. Got an idea for a fleet greentech project? Let’s talk!

Special Projects

Fleet Challenge specializes in developing innovative programs. We developed the Green Commercial Vehicle Program, an incentive program that encouraged green fleet tech. We developed the federal government’s Green Freight Assessment Program. Thinking of a special project or program? Lets discuss!


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